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About Us

English With Bob is the creation of teachers who came together to make learning how to speak, spell, and read English easy. We combined all of our skills from teaching hundreds of students and put them together for you to learn at home!

We discovered three keys to students succeeding:
- Simplify the rules.
- Present them in different forms (see, hear, say, and touch them.)
- Let students repeat them as much as they need to for mastery.

We do all that with this website and the learning kits - with videos, CDs, workbooks, interactive stories, and computer games.

We designed the learning kits (Speak 500 for learning to speak English, and 7 Syllables 7 Silabas for learning to read and spell English) to help people master the 500 most common words in English because these are the words everyone uses everyday. They are the words you need to learn now!

The first Topic Video we made, on the Speak page, is for learning basic conversation in a restaurant. We will be making more videos soon and would love to hear your suggestions for other subjects. We know that learning from movies is often the best way to learn, especially when you can replay parts if it. That is why we made a conversation video for Speak 500, and a cartoon for 7 Syllables.

We saw how students needed to have success reading simple stories so we wrote several in the Word Tag Library (on the Read page) for beginners. We will be adding more stories all the time and would love to print your stories if you want to send them in.

We look forward to your success!

Brett Brown M.Ed., Reading Specialist, CEO Education By Bob