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The 7 Syllables Program for Braille Readers

This edition of the program was developed for teaching spelling at the Junior Foundation for the Blind in Los Angles. It was created to address the problems students encountered with spelling when moving from Braille to a word processor.

There are 3 Instructors manuals. The first is a computer version which is too large for printing. The second is a printable version in English only and the third is a printable version in English and Spanish.

There are 3 students books. One is for the 7 syllables and one is for the 7 rules. The third book is an appendix to the two workbooks.

The rules are prsented in story form in another book called Tales to Tickle the Rules. This exist in an English version and also in a Spanish version.

1. Instructor Manuals:
a. Teachers Manual Computer Version
b. Teachers Manual Print Version
c. Print Version in English and Spanish

2. Student Workbooks:
a. Student Workbook 1, The 7 Syllables
b. Student Workbook 2, The 7 Rules
c. Appendixes

3. Tale to Tickle the Rules
a. Tales to Tickle The Rules
b. Historietas Para Amenizar Las Reglas

Below is a free audio version of the movie, The History of English According to Bob. This movie presents all of the concepts taught in the 7 Syllables program.

1. Table of contents
2. Introduction: How it all began
3. Closed and Open Syllables
4. Tapper E Syllables
5. Pal Syllables
6. Dip Syllables
7. Pirate R Syllables
8. Consonant L E Syllables
9. Rule 1 Beauty Letters
10. Rule 2 Guards
11. Rule 3 Word Families
12. Rule 4 The I E Rule
13. Rule 5 The Schwa bird
14. Rule 6 Unfair Words
15. Rule 7 Endings
16. The History of English According to Bob: All
17. La Historia de Inglés de Acuerdo Bob: en todo