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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the hardest thing about learning English?
    English has 5 vowels, but they make 18 different sounds. You must recognize the 7 types of syllables in order to know how these vowels sound.

2. Why are so many words spelled unfairly?
    English is a living language. Every word is spelled the way it used to be pronounced. We have changed the way we pronounce 15% of the words in English. But we have not changed the way we spell them. Should we? Yes. Are we going to? No. When Noah Webster wrote the first U.S dictionary he argued to change some of the spellings, but people insisted on staying with the original spellings. In 7 Syllables you will discover the secret for learning how to read and spell these words.

3. Do the kits [7 Syllables & Speak 500] have a money back guarantee?
    Yes! If you are not completely satisfied return the kit within 90 days for a full refund.

4. How do I use the kits?
    These kits were made to be as simple as possible. Start by just watching the videos. More instructions are included.

5. What age are these kits made for?
    The kits were designed for older students but work for any age. Most people learn the concepts of spelling English in 1st through 3rd grade. That is why other spelling programs are made for children. These kits were made so that older students would be comfortable learning from them. However younger students enjoy them also.

6. What is the best way to learn to speak English quickly?
    Order Speak 500 and practice with your family and friends now!

7. What is the best way to learn to read and spell English quickly?
    Order The 7 Syllables Reading & Spelling Program and practice with your family and friends now!