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  There are four ways to master the 7 Syllables and 7 Rules that explain the spelling of English!

  1. See the story of how English spelling was invented in the one-hour cartoon The History of English According to Bob.

  2. Work together with the 30 lessons in the Instructor’s Manual and the Student Workbook.

  3. Practice on your own with the CD ROM.

  4. Review with the 15 posters that summarize each syllable and rule.

The History of English According to Bob ~ DVD:

A one-hour cartoon presents the 7 syllables and 7 rules that explain why everything is spelled the way it is in English.

Workbook and Instructor’s Manual:

The Instructor’s manual is written so that anyone who can read can be ready to teach a lesson in minutes! You can guide your student(s) to master the 7 Syllables and 7 Rules
with the 7 Syllables workbook.

CD ~ 7 Syllables:

In this computerized version of the workbook, students can review the lessons independently or with the teacher. Self-motivated students can use this to learn the entire program on their own!

Tales to Tickle the Rules

After the cartoon introduces the 7 Rules, Fat Rat asks Bob to invent stories that would help him remember them. In this book, each of the rules is presented in fun stories that help students visualize the rules and easily remember them.


The 7 Syllables and 7 Rules are all clearly displayed in color posters to help students remember them.

Comprehension Cards :

After readers master reading and spelling, the Comprehension Cards will help guide them to create visual images of the stories they read in order to better understand them.

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